Safety & Quality


Quality and safety are important to us! While our products were birthed out of Cindy's kitchen with a baby on her back and toddler at her feet, we have come a long way since then. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices, which means we document everything under the sun from receiving, manufacturing, packaging and labeling all of our products. We follow SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), safety amd sanitation protocols. Additionally, we only partner with suppliers and vendors with good standing reputations that also follow GMP. We even have a consultant with 30 years of experience with GMP, regulatory, compliance and FDA.


We require microbiological testing and a Certificate of Analysis from all of our suppliers for every ingredient we use in our products. Quality Assurance means that we also test for heavy metals, minerals and impurities. We always choose certified organic whenever possible.

Small Batch & Big Quality

We make our products in small batches using the highest quality products from vetted suppliers that have a reputable history. We document the entire process from beginning to end.


There are many studies to prove the effectiveness of galactagogues that have been used for centuries. You can find them compiled here on this page, happy reading! (COMING SOON)