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  • "I was excited when I learned about Euphoric Herbals earlier this year. The use of herbs in pregnancy is a great area of uncertainty. Many women desire more natural options but often they and their providers don’t know where to turn. I’m blessed to have someone like Cindy Collins who has the training and experience to produce quality products that I can trust with complete confidence. Now that I’m pregnant I’m enjoying utilizing her products to support my healthy pregnancy."

    Dr. Kathryn A. Hale, MD, MPH, FACOG
    Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists
    Canton, GA

  • "l like to send my moms who are interested in herbal supplements to Euphoric Herbals. Not only do I know they will receive high quality product that is not filled with fluff, but they will also receive awesome customer care and guidance from Cindy!"

    Mona, IBCLC, US Breastfeeding Committee Chair

  • "I have been both a customer of Euphoric Herbals as well as a birth and lactation professional who feels confident recommending Euphoric Herbals' amazing products to clients. I firmly believe that Cindy's customer support and diverse knowledge base make her one of the absolute best sources for my clients to seek out herbal support for endocrine, adrenal, fertility and lactation supplements. I have found Euphoric Herbals' products to be pure, ethically crafted, and extremely effective with customer support that is beyond compare."

    E. Greenwald BSN RN, CLC

  • "My go to for small business and high quality herbal products is Euphoric Herbals. Moving to a more holistic lifestyle, I have relied on a variety of Cindy’s products over the last 4 years. I use Super Salve for everything and it works amazing well. Cuts and rashes heal quickly. The herbals teas are great, I’ve gifted to friends and clients alike. You cannot go wrong with products from Euphoric Herbals."

    Lakeisha M. Dennis, M.T.S., LCCE, CLC, CD(DONA) Lighthouse Birth Service